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Need Your Advice To Choose A Dedicated Server Plan

Discussion in 'Domain & Hosting' started by HelenN, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. HelenN

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    Feb 21, 2016
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    My team is planning to upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server and we were recommended by a friend and he sent us 3 dedicated server plans from 3 different hosting companies.

    1/ forumweb.hosting/14028-host-color-us-dedicated-intel-xeon-e3-1230v3-100-mbps-unmetered.html
    2/ forumweb.hosting/13123-mrrapidhost-ddos-protection-100-uptime-24-7-support-1gbps-dedicated-port-e3-from-50-mo.html
    3/ forumweb.hosting/13979-49-usd-dual-l5420-(8-cores)-16gb-ram-500gb-hdd-100-mbps-%E2%88%9E-10tb-1gbps-monthly-bandwidth.html
    but we don't know which one is better, our budget is $75 / month, I want to use a dedicated server to host 10+ our sites. They are Wordpress blogs with 900 to 1200 visitors/ day

    Can any one tell me from the list above, which dedicated server plan is better?

    Please advise!

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