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CONTENT-BASED Link Building Strategy

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Manoj Nagesh, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Manoj Nagesh

    Manoj Nagesh
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    Dec 21, 2011
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    You can use your content to get links. Most of these strategies don’t necessarily attract links (which we go into below), but they can if the content is good enough.

    Guest posting
    Bloggers, just like me, sometimes have trouble cranking out content on a regular basis. That's where you can help. Pitch bloggers to ask if you could guest blog, because if they say yes, you can get a few links from the post, and if the blog is popular, you can drive traffic too.

    Here's a fantastic guide on the entire guest blogging process.
    If you want, use sites like Blogger Link Up and My Blog Guest to connect with bloggers who need content. It's scalable, but the bloggers you get in touch with aren't usually very authoritative (they're mostly mid-level bloggers).

    List For Guest Posting Blogs:

    Trade articles
    Just like guest posting, you can get links in return for your content, but why not just trade? You both get content on each other's site, links, and visitors from an entirely different community.
    If you or the other has a significantly more popular blog, see if the less significant one can do something extra in return. A good example is buying the other $10-15 worth of StumbleUpon paid traffic.

    Educational content
    If you're trying to get links from colleges, create content targeted at them that you can use during outreach. Trust me, there's usually something you know that you could write an entire tutorial on that would interest college webmasters.

    Pro tip: Seek out pages on .edu websites that feature similar content, then do any of the strategies I list further down on this list that get you on the webmaster's good side.

    Green content
    Just like educational content, create something that targets a specific community. In this case, environmentalists. They've got hoards of link juice just waiting to be tapped into.

    Simply outreaching to green bloggers and letting them know about your content usually does the trick. If the content is good enough, and if it's a complete conversation (i.e. a huge infographic on the environmental impact of drift nets), they'll usually dedicate an entire post to it.

    Pro tip: As stated above, an infographic or something similar would work great, because all they have to do is embed it. If there's any community willing to embed an infographic that's relevant& worth sharing, it's the green community.

    Something so frequently overlooked is the use of images for links. Bloggers just like me struggle to find relevant images to our content, so why not take advantage? When people use your images you'll get an attribution link in return (that's if they're honest).A great idea is to always have a camera with you whenever you're at an industry event. Imagine if you took 100 pictures at PubCon of all the different speakers and published them on a certain portion of your site.
    Pro tip: hotlink your images. Make it easy for publishers to copy & paste HTML code right into their posts. This not only makes it easier to use your images, but it also makes it much more likely you'll get a link from each.

    Free charts/graphs
    If you've got a few tidbits of data lying around, make them into charts and graphs. SEOmoz did a fantastic job of this. Just like images, you'll get attribution links.

    Writing testimonials
    This one is HUGE. Right now, list any services or products you've bought recently. As long as it's not a product or service from a massive company (i.e. Walmart), there's a good chance you can get a link in exchange for a testimonial.

    For example, this testimonial page has a Page Authority of 82. The best part – it only cost the customers a few sentences about that specific service.

    Entering contests & giveaways
    I love online contests, and so should you. They're not only your chance to win some cash or prizes, but they're also a chance to net a few high quality links. The most popular contests & giveaways you'll see are guest blogging contests.

    For instance, I not only got a link from this post I entered, but I also won the $1000 grand prize. Not bad, eh?
    Here's a great example of where your great content pays off. I entered an infographic created byKapil Kale, one of my friends, into a contest on StumbleUpon, and it got a link from their blog! Talk about high quality links!
    If you're looking for a much more detailed look at running contests, checkout that guide.

    Contribute to crowdsourced posts
    Just like with interviews, if someone reaches out to you to participate in a crowdsourced post, make sure you contribute. The questions usually don't take more than 5-10 minutes of your time, and you'll get a decent link or two from it.
  2. Vivek Elinje

    Vivek Elinje
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    Dec 21, 2011
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    hey hi manoj thanks for sharing this information...
  3. Vivek Elinje

    Vivek Elinje
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    Dec 21, 2011
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